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To me, lovely is weather that is not too hot or too cold. It's drinking creamy rich masala staring at the rolling silhouettes of the mountains in northern Thailand. It's colorful mats to sit on and the freedom to spend the whole day as I please. It's supporting my body with healthy, fresh, colorful sustenance and stretching each limb until it loosens. It's unapologetically occupying my own little space of the universe in those rare moments when I feel just right, not too little, not too much, just enough.
Urban Adventures

Life and death on the Ganges ghats

Sometimes, as you travel the winding roads of life — slowly, then speeding up, navigating the curves and bumps you meet along the way — you find yourself stopped, halted suddenly in just the place you need to be. I believe firmly that all we encounter in life — from the challenges of finding yourself, to the elation of being in love or discovering a new beautiful place, to the calm reflective moments spent alone — is leading us to a greater understanding, not only of ourselves, but of our world and the time we're given to spend here.